PT.SCANTEKNIKELEKTRO INDONESIA established on22nd  October 1982 and

changed its nameinto PT.ABDIBANGUN BUANA on11th May1988.



PT.ABDIBANGUN BUANA , oneamong some sixty companies under the CCM Group (PT.Central Cipta Murdayaas the holdingcompany),is anelectrical companythat provides services and set up of automationto industries and installationof electrical appliances to utilities provider aswell asindustries.



Thescope of bussinessactivities of PT.ABDIBANGUN BUANA coversamong others: Supply &Installationand Contracting inPower Generation,PowerTransmissionand Distribution,Motorsand LVApparatus for applicationinIndustrial and Building systems.



Withover 31 yearsexperienceinelectrical powersystem, wehave proventrack record insellingour productsto many industries.



Rapid developmentsintechnology have allowed us to give thelatest technology and high quality productto fulfill the standartfor eachapplicationand facilitate testing and commisioningof most major apparatus.